Body, skin, and toning are improved with each treatment.

skin polishing | granulated Chinese herbs and dry brushing techniques remove dead skin, leaving your skin soft and supple.

detox | remove toxins from the body by combining the benefits of exfoliation and anti-age mask.

body conditioning | the use of hot and cold therapies help reduce water retention, slim & tone, diminish the appearance of cellulite.

facials |

chemical peels | 

microdermabrasion |

body work | our therapists have extensive training in many areas to customize your body session

classic massage | relaxing techniques that reduce stress while also addressing specific muscular concerns

deep massage | intensive treatment using advanced therapies and trigger point stimulation to target special needs

stone massage | warm volcanic stones are used to enhance muscular relaxation and improve the benefits of classic massage

reflexology | a focus treatment of the feet to create stress relief and improve balance in body functions

cranial sacral massage | gentle bodywork focused on relieving tension, stress, and pain by easing the bones in the spine and head into a more natural position.